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Depart Smart has identified a global problem most people don’t know they have until it’s too late.

Tourism consumer protection is sorely missing in the $7.8 trillion tourism industry which is almost 10% of the GDP. You can’t find a critical incident report on deaths, injuries and missing persons abroad to make an informed decision about whether to travel to a destination or not. No one warns anyone before they buy a trip or board a plane about potential risks to their health and safety abroad.

Students are especially vulnerable. They are 1 ½ times more likely to die studying abroad than in a car accident in the United States.

Depart Smart is developing the first consumer travel safety course to help you identify and mitigate risks, and advocate for yourself abroad so you can return home safely.

We want our travel safety users to report any problems they experience to help forewarn other travelers. Depart Smart will become the trusted tourism consumer safety resource, the place to go to learn about real issues from real people, whose stories never hit the press.


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