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Sheryl is a world speaker, author of Walking on Sunshine, NRG a Divine Transformation – a spiritual memoir and USA Book News Award winning finalist. Sheryl is featured often as a travel safety expert in major news. She and husband Allen are founders of Depart Smart.


A Guest Post by Dr. John Fletemeyer, Aquatic Law and Drowning Prevention Specialist, and Depart Smart Safety Adviser  There has been an alarming and dramatic increase in infectious diseases from swimming pools in the United States and abroad. An article I wrote for Aquatics International titled “Overseas Swimmers Beware! An aquatics expert studies overseas pools for adherence [...]

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Ready, Set, Go! – Study Abroad

GET READY! – Choose Your Study Abroad Program This article originally published under ClearCause Foundation.  Depart Smart is bringing it forward by popular request. If your child is going abroad on a program.  Please enroll in Travel HEROES Safety Certification to empower them to advocate for themselves, avoid risks, get help and home safely. Tyler Hill [...]

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KNKX ‘5 Tips to Stay Safe Abroad’

Paula Wissell, KNKX Radio, in Seattle interviewed Depart Smart's Founder and Executive Director about "5 tips for staying safe when you travel out of the country," such as: Sign Up With The State Department Carry Your Own Smoke Detector Stay On The Second Or Third Floor Of A Hotel Know The Emergency Digits To [...]

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With the alarming number of travel-related deaths and injuries abroad, an investment of 60 minutes can save lives! Depart Smart’s first-ever Travel Heroes Safety Certification course aims to protect the lives of American tourists Hearts ached across the country as the story of American student tourist Otto Warmbier’s imprisonment and death made national headlines. [...]

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Giving to save taxes

By Ken Fink & Sheryl Hill There are tried-and-true financial processes to help you support your family and increase charitable giving while reducing tax liabilities and ultimately leaving a long-lasting legacy. Using sophisticated strategies, you can redirect taxes to the people and causes you care about. It does not take a family fortune to leave [...]

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#GivingTuesday – Altruistic giving extends your life and saves lives

Sheryl Hill, Founder and Executive Director Passionate about travel, cultural diversity, peace, and safety? Is your goal to advance a global cause, serve family and friends and engage in the betterment of society? Then please, give to Depart Smart on #GivingTuesday. Depart Smart Saves Lives Travel is an exotic enticement in a $7.8 trillion industry [...]

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Mindful Safe Travel

Awakening to a conscious travel safety reality is what we hope to share with the world. Learn from us. Prevent pain. Save a life! BEING MINDFUL Lengthy journeys to faraway places can be filled with excitement and anticipation of exotic foods, different cultures, architecture, languages and experiences. As we are anticipating the best, we need [...]

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Thank you Senator Bonoff and Representative Selcer

Thank you Senator Bonoff and Representative Selcer for making study abroad safer. February 18, 2016 Congressman Steve Pearce Co-Chair, Caucus on International Exchange & Study Members 2432 Rayburn House Office Bldg. Washington, D.C. 20515 Dear Congressman Pearce: Thank you for your leadership in the Congressional Caucus on International Exchange and Study. We applaud your efforts [...]

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Depart Smart – 2016 Minnesota Cup Semifinalist

Depart Smart is announced as a semifinalist in the 2016 Minnesota Cup competition. “Minnesota Cup” is a very prestigious competition of entrepreneurs who have a breakthrough idea and mean business. Over 10,000 startups have competed in 12 years of competition thanks to Carlson School of Management’s vision to create jobs and grow Minnesota’s innovation footprint. [...]

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Know Your Balconies

Ah!  Fresh air, breezy palms, and toasty white sands enrich experiences around the globe. Excited students pull back the deck doors to the balcony. The pull of dramatic ocean views and local activities tugs them to the railing. Countries with rich history often have buildings hundreds of years old. Tourists lean out and often never lean [...]

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