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We encourage you to contact your lawmakers about this life-saving mission. Below is template of a letter to send to your representatives.

Tourism consumer protection is poor. Travel safety training and statistically meaningful reports are sorely lacking. Tourism is a $7.2 trillion global industry, at 9.8% of the GDP. 2014 report:

  • 25,455,000 USA Citizens went abroad.
  • 10% are vulnerable students, 2.5 million.
  • 70% go without medical travel insurance.
  • 90% go without vaccinations.

No department of the USA has jurisdiction to stop the victimization of USA citizens abroad. This must change to SAVE LIVES!  Consumers need resources to make informed decisions.

Consumer Protection exists for:

  • Water bottles, “Caps are choking hazards.”
  • Coffee cups, “Can cause severe burns.”
  • Even plastic bags, “Risk of suffocation.”

And yet, our citizens do not have statistically meaningful information to make informed decisions by travel program, country, and more.  Adequate safety education is practically nonexistent.  Depart Smart is working on that.

These changes may not be easy to make but I am asking you, as your constituent, to make tourism safety and consumer protection a priority.  Our people are our greatest assets, they need your help to depart smart.

Thank you for helping SAVE LIVES by acting now to build tourism consumer protection standards.

Safety means the world to me,

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