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Tyler Hill, 1991-2007

Tyler was barely sixteen when he died full of his future in Japan while on an Ambassador Group program called People to People Student Ambassadors, now dba Ambassador Leaders. His death was 100% preventable. His parents, Allen and Sheryl Hill, filed a wrongful death lawsuit that settled in 2009.

Sheryl and Allen Hill published TylerHill.org to inform and engage others, to establish Traveling Youth & Students Standards of Safety (TYS SOS) – because no state or federal oversight, minimum standards, or transparent public reporting exist in the multibillion-dollar, self-regulated study abroad industry.

The Hills did not expect to hear from so many other people whose child was scammed, molested, raped, abused, malnourished, killed, and more abroad.

In 2010, Allen and Sheryl Hill founded Depart Smart dba ClearCause Foundation in honor of Tyler, and every young American who died full of their future on a program that should have been the opportunity of a lifetime.

Since then, Depart Smart discovered the $7 trillion travel and tourism industry has very poor consumer safety reports and protections.  Depart Smart is working to solve this problem.

VIDEO: Tyler Hill’s brother Alec narrates this beautiful 2-minute video about Tyler and the trip to Japan that should have been the time of his life… not the end of his life.