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Inspired by our mission to save lives and protect students abroad?

We need champions! We need individuals just like you to help build online travel safety training. Every dollar raised gets us one step closer to our goal of helping all study abroad students Depart Smart! Also, every donation of $50 or more will receive one registration for our first module.

Join us and become a champion. Our champions enthusiastically engage friends and neighbors to help raise money and engagement by sharing our mission face-to-face, via email and social networks.

You have the opportunity to make a difference!

Share the love! Our highest reward is when people, especially students, share how our efforts helped them avoid risks, get help, have a rewarding travel or study abroad experience and return home safely.

Create Your Campaign Today!

Birthday PresentDedicate your birthday to raise money to save lives and protect students abroad.

RunCreate a run, bike, or walk event and link it to your campaign page.

Light BulbCreate a challenge: camp out, play video games, or have a dance off to raise awareness and funds.

HeartDedicate your fundraiser in honor of someone you love and care about.

CupRecognition: Top campaigns raising $5,000 or more will receive special mention in Safe Journey Academy


University of Minnesota Student
“It’s like Depart Smart taught me, take everything with a grain of salt when you travel.  I learned you should always be cognizant of your surroundings and always carry your valuables in your front pockets.”

“I want all of my peers to know about [Depart Smart].”

University of St. Thomas Students
“The fact that not one of the 15 students in our class who had studied abroad could pass the five-point quiz proves that there is much to be done. Students seek the culturally rich experience of studying abroad but fail to take full responsibility for their safety.”

“The biggest thing for me is the Travel Safety Checklist. I wouldn’t even have known or thought about the emergency numbers for Italy, Greece or Spain. I feel a lot more secure. Through the preparation I have gone through with Depart Smart I am much more prepared.”

University of Winona Students
“Depart Smart taught me to save important documents online, so I will never become trapped without them.”

“I am amazed by the work you have done to promote safe traveling to students and adults alike. I conducted a survey and could not believe the results. The average score of 40 students who took the quiz was 5 out of 10.  Everyone seemed quite surprised by their lack of knowledge.”

“I saw Sheryl Hill on television. She was so informative. I followed the preparation items and off my son went to Germany. Depart Smart is a wonderful nonprofit. All parents should follow their lead.”

“What you don’t know can hurt you.  I had no idea my child was being encouraged into a country where Peace Corp pulled out until I learned about Depart Smart.”

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Share your passion for making safety a priority on vacation, leisure, and student travel programs to foreign countries. Events supporting our vision of people helping people travel safely are a priority.

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Depart Smart is constantly developing creative fundraising concepts. Please do not submit info that you consider confidential or proprietary. It is possible your idea is already in the works. If you choose to submit an idea, you must intend to share freely, without any compensation to the submitter.

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