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Otto Warmbier’s Story

Thank you Zachary Rogers, WKRC for hosting us to speak in the wake of Otto Warmbiers return home. We are honored to be featured in your piece, Depart Smart: What you should know before traveling abroad.  Our hearts go out to Otto's family and friends. The New York post released a news article on Otto Warmbier - [...]

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World TB Day – #TBsmart

March 24 is World Tuberculosis Day. It commemorates the day Dr. Robert Koch announced the discovery of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the bacterium causing tuberculosis (TB). The Centers for Disease Control reports, “Tuberculosis (TB) is one of the world’s deadliest diseases. One-third of the world’s population is infected with TB. In 2015, 10.4 million people around [...]

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Breathtaking Heights

Some of the most breathtaking places in the world are found at high altitudes. Unfortunately, being 8,000 feet or more above sea level can literally take your breath away because the air is less dense, has less oxygen and is colder.   In terms of molecules, the percentage of oxygen in the air is similar [...]

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