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THE PROBLEM WE SOLVE: People aren’t prepared to travel abroad safely. Depart Smart offers travel safety training so everyone can return home safely.

If your travel abroad goes wrong will you know what to do?

In the event of civil unrest, accidents, or a natural disaster, do you have an evacuation plan to get your family back home safely? If your son or daughter experiences assault, serious injury, illness, or theft while studying abroad, will they know where to go and how to get help on their own? Every country has different laws and procedures, and your insurance might not cover you when you need it most. Depart Smart has a solution to all of these problems: Online Travel Safety Training.

Protect yourself and the ones you love with “THE PREMIER TRAVEL SAFETY COURSE”
Avoid risks and enjoy worry-free global adventures with a trip-specific customized emergency ACTION PLAN.
World travel provides experiences and education no classroom can provide. But, in these uncertain times, preparing wisely can be lifesaving. 

Enroll today in The Travel Heroes Safety Certification Course expertly crafted by Depart Smart, the nation’s leading non-profit travel safety organization on a mission to help travelers learn how to stay safe abroad.

Course Registrations, Sponsorships, and Donations help fund our life-saving work.


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