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Depart Smart inspires, develops and transforms world travelers into safety heroes with travel safety education so they make informed decisions abroad to avoid risks, get help, return safely and report to protect others

April 14th – Concert for a ClearCause

The U.S. Department of State has issued a worldwide caution because of terrorist attacks in the USA, Paris, Brussels and other countries. Can you depart smart? Do you have an action plan? The Minnesota State University Mankato Film Club is bringing 2010 Mid-America Hall of Fame inductee, WestSide Band, to perform at the Vetter Stone [...]

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Welcome Jeremy Wells to the ClearCause Board of Directors

Please join us in welcoming Jeremy Wells to the ClearCause Board of Directors. "I decided to volunteer for ClearCause because of the potential. I have the good pleasure of serving on a number of nonprofit boards. One thing I always ask is whether or not I believe I could add value and make a difference [...]

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Welcome New Safety & Security Advisor Dave Dennis

Please join us in welcoming ClearCause's newest Safety and Security Advisor, Dave Dennis. "It’s an honor to be allowed to join an elite group of professionals to support and contribute the great work that ClearCause performs in protecting young international travelers. I am profoundly connected with this work both professionally and personally. I have dedicated the [...]

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Now Hiring!

ClearCause is a non profit dedicated to saving lives and protecting students abroad. We aim to be the partner of choice for the first ever online, standardized safety module and advocates for transparency in the self-regulated study abroad industry. We are seeking a part-time Executive Administrator to help manage the incredible work that our organization does. [...]

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Remembering Justin Johnston

Justin Johnston June 2, 2011 Costa Rica Justin Johnston was an exceptional, outgoing and charismatic 16-year-old youth who cared about helping others. He made our days brighter with his free and lighthearted spirit, personable smile and ever present “thumbs up”. Baseball was his passion and he was serious about his Catholic faith. Justin had planned [...]

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Remembering Zoe Damon

Binghamton University Tropical Forest Initiative July, 2011 Just shy of 21, Zoe was a beautiful and exceptional individual going into her senior year of college, double majoring in biology and painting. She was a high honors student, who for years had been a scholar athlete, pianist and artist. Our Zoe never came home from a [...]

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Remembering Joshua Shane

My son Joshua was a sustainability major at Arizona State University (ASU) and participated as one of 20 students in a four-week study abroad program in Thailand in 2012. He had been passionate about environmental studies for years, had worked on his passion and was busy preparing for his future. In college, Joshua served as [...]

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Remembering Jasmine Jahanshahi

Jasmine Jahanshahi University of California Berkley Science Po, Paris Paris, France April 2011 Twenty-two year old Jasmine wouldn't let herself be mediocre in anything, which led her to do well in everything she did. She was a phenomenal pianist, held a Brown Belt in marshal art and was an excellent snow skier, as well as  [...]

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Remembering Kurt Markert

March, 1982 University of Minnesota Spring break near the Acropolis in Athens, Greece If there is one word to describe Kurt’s most enduring attribute, it would be the tenacity he exhibited in his short 22 years of life. Kurt’s can do spirit appeared in full force when he decided he wanted to do something, like [...]

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