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Depart Smart inspires, develops and transforms world travelers into safety heroes with travel safety education so they make informed decisions abroad to avoid risks, get help, return safely and report to protect others

Robin Kocina Elected to ClearCause Board of Directors

We are proud to welcome Media Relations Co-Owner and Chief Operating Officer Robin Kocina to the Board of Directors for ClearCause Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization founded to advance global safety for students traveling abroad. Robin will serve as Chief Marketing Officer, responsible for maximizing the impact of the publicity arranged for the Foundation’s services and initiatives. Media [...]

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ClearCause Welcomes Cara Luebke!

Cara Luebke is a recent graduate of Winona State University in Psychology and Child Advocacy Studies. She is continuing her education at Bemidji State University while serving as the Statewide Chair of the Minnesota State University Student Association (MSUSA). More than most things, Cara believes in the power of student voices and student activism. During [...]

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Protect Our Students Abroad

"Safety and security don't just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear."  — Nelson Mandela, Former President of South Africa. For parents, the safety and well-being of their children is of the utmost [...]

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Welcome Amalia Moreno-Damgaard

Award winning, successful entrepreneur, and founder of Women Entrepreneurs of Minnesota (WeMN), Amalia Moreno-Damgaard joins ClearCause Board of Directors during July, 2015. Meet Amalia on her website: Amalia brings business finance savvy and business strategy along with a passion to serve our small world her time and talent and delicious recipes. “I met Sheryl [...]

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UPDATE: Crowdfunding efforts raised nearly $20,000 for Luke's medical expenses! Thank you to all who donated! Luke is out of the hospital and still working towards a full recovery. ClearCause is Raising Money to Support  Luke Adams, a St. Thomas University Senior Critically Injured Studying Abroad in Japan Sheryl Hill, founder of ClearCause says, “Luke [...]

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Study Abroad in Rome is Dangerous

Andrew Mogni became a memory on Easter Sunday, months after he was critically injured during his study abroad program at John Cabot, an ‘American’ University in Rome, Italy. Chicago Tribune’s story says, “Andrew Mogni was an ambitious student at the University of Iowa studying finance and business analytics.” Andrew is remembered as a vibrant fraternity brother, [...]

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Note from Representative Selcer

Dear Neighbors, I am authoring a bill titled “Tyler Hill’s Sunshine Bill.” This bill is named after Tyler Hill, a teenager from Mound who tragically died in Japan on a study abroad program in 2007. There is currently no federal or state oversight or regulation of study abroad programs for high school students. This bill [...]

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Introducing Tyler Hill’s Sunshine Bill

The first K-12 student abroad transparency law is being introduced in Minnesota by Representative Yvonne Selcer (MN-D) who co-authored a similar bill for higher education with Senator Terri Bonoff (MN-S), Senate File 1975. ClearCause is on a mission to protect our students abroad. The Tyler Hill Sunshine Bill for K-12 is the first of its [...]

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Internships Abroad– Are students being exploited?

“Let’s be honest, telling family and friends you are going on an internship is far better than saying you are going just to see the world.” Writer Alexandra Villarreal quotes an intern in an article she authored for The New York Times “Stranger in a Strange Land: An Internship Gone Bad.” For Alexandra, the end [...]

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Welcome Safety Advisor Tom Pasquarello

Welcome ClearCause Foundation’s new safety advisor, Thomas Pasquarello. Mr. Pasquarello has over 35 years experience in law enforcement, diplomatic relations and global security. Tom served as a Special Agent for 29 years with the US Department of Justice and was assigned to both the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). [...]

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