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Shootings in Laos: Heads Up!

If you are studying abroad in Laos or are traveling in the area, be careful and take caution. A number of shootings have been reported in Laos’ most popular tourist areas. The US Department of State describes this situation as “unpredictable” and “lacking in information.” The Lao government has not shared what the possible motives [...]

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The Zika Virus: What to know before studying abroad

Spring 2016 is approaching fast. With traveling abroad is on your agenda you will soon be gearing up for your travels, but before you go, learn more about the Zika virus because it may affect you. Recently, the Zika virus has made headlines all over the world. What is it? How may it affect your study abroad [...]

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Broken Promises: Study Abroad Gone Wrong

Study abroad programs entice students abroad with appealing marketing, however reality often bites when the student arrives and the old bait and switch practice befalls them. The FBI publishes a tool to help students avoid victimization. Safety and well-being of students abroad is often touted as the number one priority. Make your program earn your [...]

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Terror Abroad – What Students Need to Know

On November 13, 2015 an unimaginable and gruesome scene unfolded in the city of Paris, France. It was a beautiful and calm Friday evening. Heavy metal fans  were enjoying a night of music at the Bataclan concert hall while soccer fans showed their patriotism as they cheered for France at Stade de France. Diners were [...]

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Studying abroad? Insure yourself!

Be a smart traveler! Insure your study abroad trip. Travel insurance is known to many as “optional”. Ask yourself, is your health and safety optional? Travel insurance should be required for all travelers, especially for students studying abroad. Let us show you why. How travel insurance works Here is a breakdown of the top five [...]

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Destination Australia

Australia is a dream destination for many students. Picture yourself walking along the Sydney Harbor, admiring the beautiful skyline. On any given day a sea of sailboats, cruise ships and ferries navigate the harbor. At night, the Sydney Opera House’s iconic shell illuminates the skyline at sunset. The sounds of a live opera, the western [...]

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