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In just one lifetime, people can be anywhere in the world in about a day.  Travel and tourism consumer safety reporting and protections are poor.  The $7+ trillion travel and tourism industry does not get much help to fulfill their duty of care and duty to inform. Policy simply has not kept pace with globalization.

Most people do not understand the problem we aim to solve. There is no critical incident report to inform you or the ones you love of dangers before you travel abroad. This lack of reliable data, in our opinion, gives a false confidence on travel safety.  According to the 2014 International Trade Association Outbound American Citizen Report, most people do not protect themselves with travel insurance or pre-trip travel clinic wellness checks. Students and traveling youth do not get a heads-up on how to Depart Smart.  There are no warnings before your buy a plane ticket or fly overseas. Most do not know ‘what they do not know’ to travel safely and prepare for safe, rewarding journeys. 

We are often told the simple truth is overwhelming.  Most ‘think’ they travel smart.  Then, they take the Depart Smart Travel Safety Savvy quiz. Many experienced travelers don’t score more than three or four points.  So, how did we get so smart? The school of hard knocks. For ten years, since Tyler Hill‘s preventable death on a student trip to Japan, our founders have been on the pain point side of the problem serving hundreds of families whose loved one died tragically during the trip of a lifetime.  So they asked, “What do you know now that you did not know then that may have changed the outcome?”.

The culmination of ten years of travel safety advocacy is passionately transferred into Travel HEROES Safety Certification.  We are dedicated to making sure students and traveling youth can identify and avoid risks, get help and home with an Action Plan.  


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Incomplete Illness Injury Student Abroad Death Report (IIISAD)

IIISAD is a grassroots compilation of student illnesses, injuries, and deaths during study abroad programs.  The first reports were submitted to policy makers and departments of the United States. These reports led to three state study abroad transparency reporting laws in Minnesota and Virginia.


Minnesota passed higher education and K-12 student abroad transparency laws in honor of Thomas Plotkin and Tyler Hill. Virginia passed a companion law in honor of Damion Wilkins. A federal bill is introduced in honor of Ravi Thackurdeen. The Departments of Justice and Education submitted an amicus brief to apply Title IX to study abroad. Even so, those laws must be enforced. That takes advocacy and funding to achieve.
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