Traveling for spring break, voluntourism, or study abroad trips comes with some challenges and benefits. You can be destined to an exotic culture with amazing cuisine with beautiful vista views. Road warriors know from experience that those journeys also present challenges.  The root word of travel is ravel – to entangle.  Traveling can be rough.

Christopher Elliott interviewed a few road warriors on tips and tricks to entangle less so you enjoy the journey more.  His article published in USA Today with tips and tricks from powering down your cell phone to traveling with a pet.  Depart Smart founder, Sheryl Hill, contributed her opinion on standards:

“A note about standards

One more thing: Assume nothing.

That’s particularly true when it comes to standards. Sheryl Hill, who is the executive director of a travel safety nonprofit called Depart Smart, (She is also the CEO of Depart Smart Inc.) learned that lesson when she worked in diabetes rehabilitation in Vienna and traveled into Eastern Europe. Medical care is not always to American standards overseas and even when it is, your insurance may not cover the treatment. “I didn’t really have a handle on the fact that my medical insurance would not cover me,” she adds.

She also discovered that many of the things we take for granted in the U.S., including adequate heating, are not always provided.

Many travelers leave the country assuming that everyone will speak English and that their accommodations will be just like at home. But expatriates know that’s not true, and they assume nothing. Adjusting their expectations means they’ll almost never be disappointed – and there’s something to be said for that.”

In his articles, Christopher repeats important tips to travel like an expat such as registering your trips at the State Department, getting annual travel insurance policies – AIG Travel is our go to, and learning how to speak key phrases in the local language so you can ask for help. There are some cool language apps for that. Google’s translate app is free and helpful, among others.

In Travel HEROES Safety planning we teach students how to vet out travel insurance and buy premiums that really protect them, and how to vet out their destinations, prepare emergency contacts and create a contingency plan so they can be your own best advocates on foreign soil.  Students are our future.  Their health and lives are priceless, the first thing they should do when they are planning a trip abroad is to expect the best, but plan for the worst so that they don’t become the news.

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