Beau Solomon’s life fell through a crack when he studied abroad in Rome, Italy.  Beau was a University of Wisconsin Badger who died a preventable death studying abroad at John Cabot University in Rome, Italy. Our hearts go out to Beau Solomon’s friends and family as his wrongful death lawsuit settles.  No one forewarned Beau about the dangers of Campo De’ Fiori a short walk from John Cabot University across the Tiber bridge.

It’s important to take notice that several other students died similar deaths studying abroad in Rome after visiting Campo De Fiori: Andrew Carr, Andrew Mogni, John Durkin, and others also died, as even more were reportedly roofied/drugged at local pub crawls such as Sloppy Sams and the Drunken Ship. So much so, that the OSAC Crime Report for Rome, Italy has forewarned US Citizens to avoid Campo de Fiori, especially at night, as far back as 2007 stating, “Campo di Fiori, a large piazza in the center of Rome, is an area where physical altercations occur regularly during late evening/early morning hours. The piazza has many bars and often large crowds that spill into the piazza.”

“Nightlife is nightlife,” the president of John Cabot, Franco Pavoncello is quoted as saying by the Associated Press.  Pavoncello said, “It’s not up to the president of John Cabot University to do an evaluation of the dangers of Rome’s nightlife, it’s up to judicial authorities.”  We strongly disagree.

Universities have a duty to inform and a duty of care. These duties should apply to referring as well as receiving study abroad programs. The absence of state or federal duty to inform and duty of care policies does not negate an organizations responsibility, as evidenced by wrongful death and personal injury lawsuits.

Students die more often studying abroad than in car wrecks. It’s a statistic Depart Smart hopes to influence in the most positive ways. Beau’s lawsuit may have settled, but the death of these college kids who died full of their potential and future and deaths forthcoming in the future –  will always unsettle us. It’s why Depart Smart pours time and talent into Travel HEROES Safety and Emergency Preparedness Planning. We know from experience how safety measures can make study abroad awesome in lifesaving ways.

Find out how to Depart Smart with Travel HEROES Safety Training and emergency plans to improve the odds for student travel and study abroad safety in award-winning, life-saving ways – because one life is priceless. Contact us!