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Wings to Fly: Depart Smart’s 2018 Gala

Most of us hardly give an international flight a second thought. A quick search online, a few clicks for a hotel, airfare, and rental car packages make booking and payment for your travel plans easy. We might send an itinerary to our emergency contacts, but how many of us stop here? The Depart Smart annual [...]

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Remembering Justin Johnston

Justin Johnston June 2, 2011 Costa Rica Justin Johnston was an exceptional, outgoing and charismatic 16-year-old youth who cared about helping others. He made our days brighter with his free and lighthearted spirit, personable smile and ever present “thumbs up”. Baseball was his passion and he was serious about his Catholic faith. Justin had planned [...]

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Remembering Zoe Damon

Binghamton University Tropical Forest Initiative July, 2011 Just shy of 21, Zoe was a beautiful and exceptional individual going into her senior year of college, double majoring in biology and painting. She was a high honors student, who for years had been a scholar athlete, pianist and artist. Our Zoe never came home from a [...]

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Remembering Joshua Shane

My son Joshua was a sustainability major at Arizona State University (ASU) and participated as one of 20 students in a four-week study abroad program in Thailand in 2012. He had been passionate about environmental studies for years, had worked on his passion and was busy preparing for his future. In college, Joshua served as [...]

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Remembering Jasmine Jahanshahi

Jasmine Jahanshahi University of California Berkley Science Po, Paris Paris, France April 2011 Twenty-two year old Jasmine wouldn't let herself be mediocre in anything, which led her to do well in everything she did. She was a phenomenal pianist, held a Brown Belt in marshal art and was an excellent snow skier, as well as  [...]

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Remembering Kurt Markert

March, 1982 University of Minnesota Spring break near the Acropolis in Athens, Greece If there is one word to describe Kurt’s most enduring attribute, it would be the tenacity he exhibited in his short 22 years of life. Kurt’s can do spirit appeared in full force when he decided he wanted to do something, like [...]

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Remembering Ravi Thackurdeen

Meet Ravi Thackurdeen: leader, scholar, role model, dedicated friend, loving son and brother. Ravi was keenly interested in public health, preventative medicine, and ethno medicine. Ravi joined Swarthmore Fire and Protective Association within weeks of starting college. In the summer of his first year, he earned his EMT state certifications. In spring 2012, Ravi explored [...]

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Remembering Erik Downes

Oglethorpe University Costa Rica January 4, 2011 20-year-old Erik Downes was a friend to everyone he met. A pre-medical student at Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, Georgia, Erik served as the Student Senate’s Vice President and participated in mock trial, track and community service projects, according to an article in the Tico Times. He was a [...]

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Remembering Jenna Druck

Semester at Sea India March 27, 1996 Jenna Druck embraced life with every fiber of her being. She was filled with endless love, energy and enthusiasm, and it showed in her accomplishments, relationships, vision, values, competitive spirit, courage and compassion. Selected “San Diego’s Young Woman Entrepreneur” at age 9, speaking publicly for the Young Presidents [...]

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Remembering Morgan Boisson

Born in Montpellier, France, Morgan had been on three continents before he was three weeks old: North America where his maternal grandparents lived, Africa where his paternal grandparents lived and Europe where his immediate family lived. At seven, Morgan moved to the U.S. with his parents and two younger sisters. Morgan had an unrivaled love [...]

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