A Guest Post by Dr. John Fletemeyer, Aquatic Law and Drowning Prevention Specialist, and Depart Smart Safety Adviser  There has been an alarming and dramatic increase in infectious diseases from swimming pools in the United States and abroad. An article I wrote for Aquatics International titled “Overseas Swimmers Beware! An aquatics expert studies overseas pools for adherence [...]

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The Great Serengeti Migration

Twelve big travel tips Travel of a different kind takes place on the African plains is often referred to as the “Greatest Show on Earth.” The Great Serengeti Migration is one of the largest animal migrations in the world. It is a huge attraction for wildlife and bird watching American citizens who want to visit [...]

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ClearCause is Now Depart Smart

ClearCause announces it will be named Depart Smart, effective immediately. The name Depart Smart is strategically aligned with this nonprofit’s charitable work. Depart Smart is the trusted third-party, nonprofit resource for tools and information to help students identify and mitigate risks so they can advocate for themselves in foreign countries.   No other nonprofit works [...]

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Shootings in Laos: Heads Up!

If you are studying abroad in Laos or are traveling in the area, be careful and take caution. A number of shootings have been reported in Laos’ most popular tourist areas. The US Department of State describes this situation as “unpredictable” and “lacking in information.” The Lao government has not shared what the possible motives [...]

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The Zika Virus: What to know before studying abroad

Spring 2016 is approaching fast. With traveling abroad is on your agenda you will soon be gearing up for your travels, but before you go, learn more about the Zika virus because it may affect you. Recently, the Zika virus has made headlines all over the world. What is it? How may it affect your study abroad [...]

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Step by Step: Advances in Study Abroad Legislation

The state of Virginia may soon be holding its higher education study abroad programs more accountable for student safety. It’s all thanks to a new bill in honor of Damion Deshawn Wilkins which just moved unanimously through the Virginia Higher Education Committee, House of Representatives and State Senate. Governor's Action Deadline is April 11, 2016. The bill requires institutions [...]

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Who is Responsible?

This case recently turned up in the New York Law Journal; nineteen-year-old Julie Katz, a student at the United Synagogue for Conservative Judaism in New York, won the right to sue her synagogue for a knee injury which worsened after a study abroad trip to Yerucham, Israel. Katz testified that the synagogue had said it [...]

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Parts of Mexico Unsafe for Travelers

Worries about conflicts in Europe and the Middle East have been growing over the past few months. Now, there’s recent news about the risks of traveling to a destination much closer to home. The U.S. Department of State recently issued a travel warning advising U.S. citizens against traveling to certain places in Mexico on Jan. [...]

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Remembering Justin Johnston

Justin Johnston June 2, 2011 Costa Rica Justin Johnston was an exceptional, outgoing and charismatic 16-year-old youth who cared about helping others. He made our days brighter with his free and lighthearted spirit, personable smile and ever present “thumbs up”. Baseball was his passion and he was serious about his Catholic faith. Justin had planned [...]

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Remembering Zoe Damon

Binghamton University Tropical Forest Initiative July, 2011 Just shy of 21, Zoe was a beautiful and exceptional individual going into her senior year of college, double majoring in biology and painting. She was a high honors student, who for years had been a scholar athlete, pianist and artist. Our Zoe never came home from a [...]

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