ClearCause announces it will be named Depart Smart, effective immediately. The name Depart Smart is strategically aligned with this nonprofit’s charitable work. Depart Smart is the trusted third-party, nonprofit resource for tools and information to help students identify and mitigate risks so they can advocate for themselves in foreign countries.  

No other nonprofit works to help students depart smart so they return with rewarding experiences in an industry held to the highest standards. Robin Kocina, chief marketing officer says, “Depart Smart shouts what we do, emphasizing our passion to protect students abroad and save lives.”

Significant growth and press engagement are the catalysts behind the name change.  Our constituents encouraged us to step into our future of delivering transformative life-saving information to help people “Depart Smart.” In a sample of several hundred adults, most cannot pass a five-point quiz:

  1. Where do you find country specific safety information?
  2. Where should you register your trip before you depart?
  3. How much does it cost to bring you home if you are hurt or killed?
  4. What does your emergency contact need to help you?
  5. How soon should you visit a travel clinic before departure?

“ClearCause has always been a courageous, rapidly evolving nonprofit solving a problem few people understand: No laws stop the victimization of students enticed into exotic student tourism and study abroad programs. We should all know how to Depart Smart,” Sheryl Hill, Founder and Executive Director passionately proclaims. Hill’s 16-year-old son, Tyler, died a preventable death on a People to People program to Japan. People to People is now operating as Ambassador Leaders.  

Under the ClearCause banner, eye-opening awareness of a little understood problem – no laws stop the victimization of students on programs abroad – touched 11,000,000 people; three laws in Minnesota and Virginia passed honoring Tyler Hill, Thomas Plotkin, and Damion Wilkins with transparent reporting on student abroad deaths, illnesses and injuries; award-winning public service announcements and educational sessions help Americans of all ages depart smart; and more.  

“Traveling can be dangerous. Dangerous like driving a car is dangerous. Depart Smart will soon offer online education the “First Class” Action module will help you and those you love depart smart with the ability to identify and mitigate risks so you can advocate for yourself when things go bad. “We deliver on the promise to help you depart smart in transformative, life-saving ways.” says Hill.   

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