Depart Smart in the News

ClearCause recently rebranded as Depart Smart, to focus on life-saving tools and education to save lives and protect students abroad.  Peek in on Depart Smart’s website.

The change happened by popular demand of student reporters exclaiming, “This is who you are!”  “Depart Smart is safe travel heaven!” Student and other reporters are broadcasting our mission to help students and travelers depart smart so they return with rewarding and safe journeys in more than 20 prominent airings and publications. Media Relations, Inc. became Depart Smart’s publicity partner in 2013 creating a publicity storm!

Here is a small example of their recent reach in prominent networks on behalf of Depart Smart:


WSTR-TV        “ClearCause–WSTR TV 7am–Sheryl Hill”    March 25, 2016

NBC      “ClearCause – WOAI TV – Sheryl Hill”    March 22, 2016

WCHS-TV    “ClearCause–WSTR TV 7am–Sheryl Hill”  March 21, 2016

Fox News      “Stay Safe While Studying Abroad”      February 25, 2016

CBS     “Keeping Students Safe in Study Abroad Programs”    February 1, 2016

ABC       “New Minnesota Study Abroad Report a ‘Good First Step’”   January 7, 2016


Newsweek     “Heartbroken Mothers of Students Killed Abroad Want to Save Lives”    August 28, 2016

The Washington Post     “The Most Pressing Summer Travel Questions – Answered”   August 18, 2016

The Newspaper Post     “The Mоst Urgent SummerTime Gо Back And Fоrth Questiоns — Replied    August 18, 2016

The Daily Collegian    “ClearCause Foundation, Study Abroad Safety Mechanism, Readying for Online Debut”  March 31, 2016

The News Record    “Studying Abroad’s Hidden Safety Concerns”     March 31, 2016

The Purdue Exponent    “Purdue, Others Offer Study Abroad Preparations”   March 24, 2016

The Houstonian Online    “Non-Profit to Fundraise for Study Abroad Safety Training”  March 22, 2016

The Commonwealth Times    “Legislation Make Study Abroad Programs More Transparent”   March 11, 2016

The Red and Black    “Despite Safety Risks on Study Abroad Programs, Students Continue on Trips”   March 7, 2016

The Wheel    “A Call for Safety Awareness While Abroad”   March 4, 2016

MSU Reporter      “Safety for International and Study Abroad Students”  March 3, 2016

The Northern Student    “Studying Abroad Safely”   February 25, 2016

Ripon College   “Have You Heard”  February 22, 2016

The Arizona Daily Wildcat    “Stay Safe and Informed when Studying Abroad”    February 19, 2016

The Marquette Tribune     “Foundation Aims for Safety Abroad”  February 18, 2016

The Winonan    “ClearCause Foundation Promotes Safe Travel Abroad”   February 17, 2016

The Daily Beacon     “Nonprofit Helps Students Stay Safe While Studying Abroad”    February 10, 2016

The Minnesota Daily    “Report Collects Data on Students Abroad”      January 18, 2016

The Star Tribune     “A Safe Year Abroad for Minnesota Students”   January 6, 2016