Karen Leland, President of Sterling Marketing Group and author of ‘5 Ways to Stay Safe From Terrorism and Other Threats When Traveling Overseas‘ an article for Inc. Magazine wrote,

Depart Smart, [Sheryl] Hill’s website, offers a free 10-item quiz that scores your travel safety readiness. I’m sorry to say that despite my worldwide wanderings, I marked ‘no’ on nine out of ten questions.

Many of the items were things I had never even thought of, including:

  • Could you ask for help and identify your location in the local language?
  • Is your personal health information translated into the local language?
  • Do your emergency contacts have Power of Attorney and active passports good for six months beyond the date of your return?
  • In the U.S., the emergency phone number is 911. It is different in most countries and can be separate numbers (e.g., fire, ambulance, police). Do you know the emergency number(s) for your destination country?

Once you’ve taken the quiz, the site will send you a comprehensive safe travel checklist to fill out along with your packing list to prepare you to have a secure trip.

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Take the Travel Safety Quiz, get a free Travel Safety Checklist and sign-up for Travel Hero Safety Certification.  Peace of mind is priceless, just like your well-being when traveling.

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