Depart Smart™ Inc. is partnering with G3 Global in lifesaving ways.

Traveling abroad is an exciting enticement, but it can also be stressful. In fact, the World Health Organization cites psychic trauma as the leading cause of emergency evacuation. It can be especially taxing when someone you live or work with is in dire straights in another country and you can’t get to them even if your passport has not expired because your passport doesn’t pass the Validity Rule.

This is a harsh reality Sheryl and Allen Hill know personally. A sophisticated couple, they both checked their passports to be sure they could get to their 16-year-old son, Tyler, who was going to Japan on a student trip. They received a fated call that their son was on life support and in grave condition in Tokyo. Sheryl and Allen frantically tried to get to him. However, neither of them was aware of the Validity Rule which requires six months validity from your date of return to board a flight. Things got worse fast during the most traumatic event of their lives. Sheryl’s passport expired in 5 ½ months. The airline initially denied her access until her congressman vouched to assist. Tragically, Tyler died. The Hills formed Depart Smart Inc. to help millions of U.S. citizens travel abroad with the tools and skills needed to mitigate risks and advocate for themselves for safer returns.

Diane Capetillo, G3 Global Senior Director says, “In an increasingly globalized and accessible world, safety, preparedness, and awareness are at the forefront of our minds, so that safe rewarding journeys can be at the forefront of yours.”

“In an increasingly globalized and accessible world, safety, preparedness, and awareness are at the forefront of our minds”

“I’m delighted to be able to help people safeguard their well-being with G3 Global. The only surprises when you travel abroad should be good ones!” said Sheryl Hill, CEO of Depart Smart Inc.

Depart Smart and G3 Global now offer passport and visa services in addition to travel safety preparedness for adventures abroad. The strength of our partnership gives our travelers tools, skills, and emergency plans to Depart Smart for the world so they return safe.

Depart Smart, a Minnesota start-up, delivers the award-winning, lifesaving Travel HEROES Safety Preparedness platform to U.S. citizens going abroad for work, study, service, or vacation. A sister company to, a Minnesota 501(c)3 non-profit.

G3 Global expedites services to help navigate the requirements to get travel documents quickly and expediently for international travels.

If you would like more information please contact:

Sheryl Hill, CEO
Depart Smart Inc.
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Diane Capitello, Senior Director
G3 Global
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