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Employee Assistance Program (EAP) need Travel Safety Training

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Most companies understand their duty of care and duty to inform when skilled employees travel abroad for business. They invest in comprehensive resources and personnel to fulfill these duties. However, when those same employees take leisure trips or family vacations abroad, their well-being is not well-protected with travel safety tools and education. You need a way to help them Depart Smart and stay safe when they’re traveling while abroad so they return healthy and happy to the people and jobs they love.

Unfortunately, a lot can happen to workers and students abroad when they do what many would expect to do under their circumstances: travel, explore and take vacations. In thousands of attempts, most people cannot score more than three correct responses on the Depart Smart Travel Safety Savvy Quiz.  Here are a few examples:

How travel safety savvy are you and your employees?

Problem: Most people don’t know how to travel smart

Little reliable data is available on just how many workers and students run into danger while traveling abroad. However, the United States Department of Commerce, Internal Trade Association, National Travel and Tourism office compiles annual reports with statistics on US Travelers Abroad.  In 2014, their Outbound US Citizen report had two very compelling telltale statistics about how unprepared US Citizens, are when they go abroad.   According to the report, of the nearly 31 million outbound United States travelers, about 89 percent didn’t get pre-trip vaccinations and around 72 percent didn’t purchase travel insurance. This means that the number of travelers unprepared for their trips vacillated between 70 and 90 percent, 21.7M-27.9M people are at risk for travel related illness, injury and even death.

This is the problem Depart Smart is passionate about solving with comprehensive, consumer-driven, online travel safety courses to build skills and a personal plan to avoid risks, get appropriate help and home safely. Depart Smart spent more than 10 years asking survivors about their experiences, and what could have been done differently to change the outcome. Their responses became the lifesaving foundation of Travel HEROES Safety Certification; a program designed to allow travelers to depart smart and return home safely by building travel safety skills and an emergency safety plan to help save lives.  

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Solution: The Travel HEROES Safety Certification

Companies, universities, non-government organizations, and others can transform their employees and communities into Travel HEROES with skills to travel safety for a lifetime. Essential knowledge, tools and skills for smarter travel become a value-added perk for your company, and teams.  

The course is fun, filled with animated case studies, comprehensive information, demonstration videos, games to reinforce learning and expert testimonials. The takeaway is your employees who work hard so they can play hard know how to depart smart. 

Your company can earn the Depart Smart Seal of Approval by transforming all employees into Travel HEROES.  Depart Smart offers a co-branded, customized portal to help your Employee Assistance and Human Resources team manage their personnel as they earn travel safety certifications.

Employee Assistance Programs - Travel Safety

Your company can earn the Depart Smart Seal of Approval


The travel safety certification is comprised of six 10-15 minute modules, complete with mini-games, testimonials and an end-of-chapter assessment:

  • Geopolitical Context: Navigate State Department Consular Affairs and Overseas Security Advisory Council websites to identify country-specific warnings and alerts and ascertain their severity.
  • Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP): Learn the value of STEP services and successfully register for STEP before each international trip.
  • Health & Wellness: Discover resources at the Centers for Disease Control and World Health Organization to identify destination-specific health risks and preventive medicines to include in your plan, and vital personal medical information in mobile applications.
  • Geography & Housing: Build a Google My Map of your destination(s), featuring area-specific risks and warnings. Locate nearby hospitals, fire and police departments, embassies, airports and evacuation services, and your housing and transportation resources.
  • Travel Insurance: Learn the difference between trip and travel insurance, and how to determine the best insurance for your particular excursion.
  • Security & Communications: Increase your financial security with helpful tips and prepare to use mobile technology to contact local and international agencies and emergency contacts.

Throughout the course, learners are provided instructions on how to access and use government websites. Testimonials and mini-games are included to help students learn in an engaging way. Each chapter ends with a mini-assessment to gauge retention.

As the learners complete each chapter, they progressively compile a travel safety plan to guide them through the steps they should take for safer international travels.

Employee Assistance Programs - Travel Safety

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Learn how to help your employees Depart Smart

Enroll today and get Travel HEROES Safety Certified. For group licenses and customized corporate portals, please visit our portal page or call (952) 525-2255.

Travel HEROES is expertly crafted by Depart Smart, the nation’s premier nonprofit travel safety organization, on a mission to help travelers learn how to travel abroad safer – life-saving ways.