Why your workforce needs travel safety training in its Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Travel safety training raises productivity and reduces absenteeism – integrate training as health and wellness ancillary benefit today.

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Most companies understand their duty of care and duty to inform when skilled employees travel abroad for business. They invest in comprehensive resources and personnel to fulfill these duties. However, when those same employees take leisure trips or family vacations abroad, their well-being is not well-protected with travel safety tools and education. You need a way to help your employees and their families Depart Smart and stay safe when they’re traveling while abroad so they return healthy and happy to the people and jobs they love.

Unfortunately, a lot can happen to employees and their families abroad when they travel, explore, and take vacations abroad. In thousands of attempts, most people cannot score more than three correct responses on the Depart Smart Travel Safety Savvy Quiz. Here are a few examples:

Problem: Most people don’t know how to travel smart

In the United States Department of Commerce’s 2014 Outbound US Citizen report, two very compelling statistics show how unprepared US Citizens are when they go abroad. Of the nearly 31 million outbound United States travelers, 89 percent didn’t get pre-trip vaccinations and 72 percent didn’t purchase travel insurance. This means that most travelers are unprepared for their trips. 21.7-27.9 million people are at risk for travel related illness, injury and even death. Over 14 million US Citizens will return from vacation abroad with travel-related illness or injury this year.

The bottom line: When your employees and their families return from vacation abroad injured or ill, their productivity plummets and they are mentally and physically absent from work.

Solution: Travel HEROES Safety Training

The Premier Travel HEROES Travel Safety Course is comprised of six teaching modules, complete with mini-games, testimonials, video demonstrations, end-of-chapter assessments, and a customized emergency action plan. As learners complete each chapter, they create their own Emergency Action Travel Safety Plan to guide them through safer international travels. Employees trained with Travel HEROES will be shown how to get the right travel insurance for them, what travel medicine they need, and many other travel perks.

The six modules are:

  • Geopolitical Context

  • Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP)

  • Health and Wellness

  • Geography and Housing

  • Travel Insurance

  • Security and Communications

Through Travel HEROES, your employees will build a personalized Travel Safety Plan to avoid risks, have a safe trip, and return to work happy and productive. 

In these uncertain times, preparing wisely can be lifesaving. Make sure your employees and their families stay safe so their hard-earned vacations are ones they’ll want to remember.

EAP providers, companies, universities, NGOs, and more can transform their employees and customers into Travel HEROES with skills to travel safely. Offering travel safety training as an ancillary benefit earns you loyalty to attract and retain talent. Depart Smart offers Travel HEROES with co-branded, customized portal capabilities to help your Employee Assistance and Human Resources team manage their personnel as they earn travel safety certifications.

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About Depart Smart

Travel safety illiteracy is the problem Depart Smart is passionate about solving with comprehensive, consumer-driven travel safety training. Depart Smart has spent over 10 years asking travel disaster survivors about their experiences, and what could have been done differently to change the negative outcome. Their responses became the lifesaving foundation of Travel HEROES Safety Certification; comprehensive consumer-driven travel safety training that allows travelers to Depart Smart and return home safely.