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Minnesota’s giving holiday is back on November 14! Last year, more than 70,000 people gave $21 million to their favorite causes during Give to the Max, a new generosity record! Stay tuned for more updates about this year’s celebration of nonprofits and schools all across our state.

“You saved my husband’s life in Belize! I traveled with dumb luck until Travel HEROES Safety training.” Carol G.

“My friend had a seizure in Europe. Thanks to Depart Smart, I knew what to do! Thank you.” William G

“Depart Smart has changed the way I travel abroad.” Alyssa B.

Travel safety knowledge saves lives. A mom called recently to thank us – Depart Smart’s Travel HEROES Safety Training taught her daughter how to avoid risks abroad by using OSAC Crime & Safety Reports for Indonesia. Her daughter refused to rent a moped in Bali on a gap week while studying abroad, because she learned that mopeds are a leading cause of tourist injury and death there. Her classmate wasn’t as prepared, and ended up in the hospital after crashing their moped.

Most people think they know how to Depart Smart for the world.


Students die more often studying abroad than in car wrecks?
Most travelers don’t protect themselves with travel insurance or vaccinations – yet 1 in 4 travelers returning from developing countries return with preventable illnesses.
Do you know the emergency numbers abroad?
Is your personal health info in the local language?
Safety is not an accident.

Two years ago, YOU helped us realize a dream – to build and launch the first consumer-driven, online travel safety course, TRAVEL HEROES, to help ALL travelers Depart Smart with tools, skills, and a personalized travel safety plan. Now we are driven to scale and reach more travelers than ever by integrating our services into employee wellness programs.

What will it take to prepare every traveler to Depart Smart for the world? Our Story


Last year, generosity helped raise more than 2,000 life-saving dollars. Thank you!

A $2,000 match doubles your donation this year! Help us raise $4000.


  • $ 50 Helps one student traveler earn travel safety skills and develop a personalized travel safety preparedness plan.
  • $ 100 Helps two students acquire super safety skills for a lifetime of safer travels.
  • $ 500 Helps Travel HEROES Safety Training reach, teach, and engage an entire student delegation going abroad.
  • $1000 Buys one travel safety workshop for up to 50 tour operators.

Thank YOU!

Depart Smart is recognized as Travel Safety Experts in major news: CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, Newsweek, USA Today, Forbes, Washington Post, and more.

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