UPDATE: Crowdfunding efforts raised nearly $20,000 for Luke’s medical expenses! Thank you to all who donated! Luke is out of the hospital and still working towards a full recovery.

ClearCause is Raising Money to Support  Luke Adams, a St. Thomas University Senior Critically Injured Studying Abroad in Japan

Sheryl Hill, founder of ClearCause says, “Luke Adams and his family need help now. We opted to launch our relief fundraiser early to Help Luke.”

A world away from lifelong friends and family, Luke Adams is fighting for his life in critical care in Oita, Japan.  Luke was studying abroad at Asian Pacific University on an International Studies Abroad program (ISA).  Luke had the right-of-way as  his 6’2” frame almost made it across the intersection.  Luke was struck by oncoming, fast-moving traffic.  First, by an oncoming car that knocked his body airborne, again by a second vehicle.  In a blink, Luke’s dream of International Studies in Japan changed traumatically.

Luke is in and out of a medically induced coma.  His Japanese medical team says, “He is lucky to be alive.”  Luke is in intensive care recovery for:

  • A fractured eye socket, chin and jawbone

  • Two missing teeth

  • Five broken ribs, a collapsed lung, lung punctures

  • A tracheotomy; unable to speak

  • Induced medical coma

  • Potential brain trauma

 Luke’s mom, Susan, is advocating for Luke in Japan. Luke, known as ‘Sunny’ by close friends, is the type of young man who cares deeply and makes friends easily.  Luke exudes energy. Fluent in Japanese, Luke is a St.Thomas University Senior working towards an International Business Degree. ClearCause wants to help Luke achieve that dream.

Please #HelpLuke with your tax deductible donation. Funds will be transferred, minus credit card processing fees, to Luke Adam’s Support Fund at Wells Fargo Bank. Gratitude to Luke’s Uncle, Brad Adams, for setting up the account.

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