Paula Wissell, KNKX Radio, in Seattle interviewed Depart Smart’s Founder and Executive Director about “5 tips for staying safe when you travel out of the country,” such as:
  1. Sign Up With The State Department
  2. Carry Your Own Smoke Detector
  3. Stay On The Second Or Third Floor Of A Hotel
  4. Know The Emergency Digits To Dial In An Emergency
  5. Have All Of Your Medical Information Translated Into The Language Of The Country

Paula Wisell and KNKX Radio did a great job in a short amount of time. Depart Smart wants you know more – Like how to protect yourself with vaccinations and travel insurance.  It can cost a small fortune to get you home if you need evacuation, in some cases more than $300,000.

You can take the Travel Safety Savvy Quiz to find out what you didn’t know that could save your life and then download a free Travel Safety Checklist with more than 50 points to consider.

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Sheryl Hill, Depart