We’re honored to be featured in this month’s issue of Lake Minnetonka Magazine!

In the article “Local Travel Expert Offers New Safety Training and Certification” reporter Maura Keller talks to our Founder and Executive Director, Sheryl Hill, about how Travel HEROES helps people Depart Smart.

Travel Safety

Travel HEROES is our online safety course that helps travelers develop skills and a personal travel safety plan so they can avoid risks, get help and return safely. Our customers can download and share their safety plan with family, employers, and others.

Here’s a little of what Sheryl had to say:

“Individuals can avoid risks and enjoy worry-free global adventures with a customized travel safety plan. We should all protect ourselves, [our] employees and the ones we love with travel safety skills and Travel Heroes safety training. Travel safety skills and plans save lives.”

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)

The article also includes information on some strategic initiatives Depart Smart is working on to integrate Travel HEROES into Employee Assistance Programs to help employees return on time and healthy from vacations abroad. Travel HEROES makes a positive impact on the bottom line by helping keep productivity up and absenteeism down.


We are grateful to Maura Keller for the story, Media Relations, Inc. for helping us reach and engage our community, and to Dr. Kathryn Johnson of St. Cloud State’s Confucius Institute for proving our model in a pilot program.

Confucius Institute in China