April 21 is National High Five Day! Depart Smart (formerly ClearCause) is getting in on the festivities with a fundraiser worth high-fiving about. During National High Five Day, 12 a.m. to 11:59 p.m., supporters can cash in high fives by donating $5 to Depart Smart on Twitter and Facebook with the help of Good World.

How does it work?

Anytime on April 21, 2016 during National High Five Day, supporters can ask their friends to give $5 or more to Depart Smart. Participants can use the tag “#donate $5 ” on www.facebook.com/DepartSmartOrg or tweet “#donate $5 @DepartSmartOrg”.  That’s it!  Champions for Depart Smart can also send donate requests via email. Every High $5 Depart Smart receives from each individual is eligible for a $5 match from Good World,

up to $10,000 or 2,000 donations. You can learn more about Good World’s High Five Day fundraiser online.

About Good World

GoodWorld is technology company making social donations as simple as a Facebook or Twitter post. Good World is recipient of Best Tech Startup of 2015 in last year’s Timmy Awards, a brief twelve months after their launch. Good World has helped hundreds of nonprofits, like DepartSmart.org.

How Good World makes the world good

Good World is a for-profit company, a reasonable 7 percent of donations made covers transaction fees and overhead. The rest goes to Depart Smart charity.

About “National High Five Day”

National High Five Day began in 2002 at the University of Virginia, when a group of students set up a booth in the quad and gave out high fives and lemonade.

Since then, the tradition has spread. Now High Five Day takes place nationwide on the third Thursday in April. In 2010, National High Five Day coordinators decided to channel all of the enthusiasm into some charitable giving. The National High Five Project was born and given tax-deductible status by the IRS.

Now, every year, the day celebrates high fives and giving to organizations who help others. Past causes included helping the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings, supporting healthy eating for kids and funding cancer research.

I want to be a part of this

It’s easy to participate. Register before April 21 on GoodWorld’s signup page and ask fans to #donate $5 to Depart Smart and tag a friend themselves. GoodWorld will send fun gifs and pictures to use in your posts and match $5 for every donation to Depart Smart.  
Depart Smart (formerly ClearCause) is the only nonprofit working to save lives and protect students abroad.  No other nonprofit does the work we do.  Please help us help students depart smart so they return with rewarding experiences.  No laws safeguard their well-being.  $5 is half of one registration between now and July 2016 to give one student an action plan.  

Safety matters, all ways and always!