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Annual Event Gala

  • Depart Smart Gala 2018

    Wings to Fly: Depart Smart’s 2018 Gala

    Most of us hardly give an international flight a second thought. A quick search online, a few clicks for a hotel, airfare, and rental car packages make booking and payment for your travel plans easy. [...]

News and Information

When somebody calls you ‘Genius’

When someone calls you ‘genius’ you might think they are being sarcastic. “Way to go, Genius!” But, when someone calls you genius because they are genuinely impressed with your passion, purpose, and achievements, [...]

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Depart Smart Gala – May 17th, 2018

Depart Smart's 2018 Gala Join Depart Smart, Twin Cities community leaders, travel enthusiasts, and safety advocates for a night of fun, fundraising, and fine dining. We have much to celebrate, including the launch of [...]

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A first in commercial air safety history: ZERO deaths in 2017

Despite more flights than ever before, exceeding 100,000 flights per day worldwide, 2017 was the safest year on record for commercial air travel. Dutch aviation consulting firm To70 estimates the fatal accident rate for [...]

“Depart Smart group teaches travelers how to stay safe” – The Voyage Report Podcast

Learn how to stay safe while traveling in The Voyage Report's newest podcast: "Depart Smart: Group Teaches Travelers to Stay Safe." Inspired by the untimely death of her son, Sheryl Hill founded Depart Smart, [...]

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How to travel the world for less than you ever imagined!

By Mark Albert, Editor-in-Chief: The Voyage Report In my ongoing quest to visit every country in the world, I not only want to depart smart, but depart cheap. My goal is to save as much money [...]

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