Our Valued Team Members

Sheryl Hill
Sheryl HillExecutive Director
Sarah Ashley
Sarah AshleyeLearning QA Specialist
Keegan Bohn
Keegan BohnDigital Management

Our Prestigious Board of Directors

Michael Bowers
Michael BowersBoard Chair
Founder and CEO at the Center for Student Travel Safety
Amy Swedberg
Amy SwedbergDirector, Chair Emeritus
Partner at Maslon’s Financial Services Group
Robert Gallagher
Robert GallagherDirector
Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at AIG Travel
Rhonda Sloan
Rhonda SloanDirector
SVP and Global Head of Marketing and Industry Relations at AIG Travel
Allen Hill
Allen HillDirector, Founder, Chair Emeritus
Senior Vice President at Fraueshuh Commercial Real Estate
Jana Webster
Jana WebsterDirector
Executive Director at Airport Foundation MSP
Dr. Kathryn Johnson
Dr. Kathryn JohnsonDirector
St. Cloud State University

Our Valuable Advisors & Experts

Sheryl Hill
Sheryl HillFounder
Founder of Depart Smart
Dr. Vincent Johnson
Dr. Vincent JohnsonBoard Member Emeritus
Karen Gries
Karen GriesIRS Tax Law Advisor
Dr. Peter Tarlow
Dr. Peter TarlowSafety Specialist, Tourism
Dr. John Fletemeyer
Dr. John FletemeyerWater Safety Advisor
David Angueira
David AngueiraLegal Advisor
Jerome Fields
Jerome FieldsUnited States Department of State
Brent Barker
Brent BarkerSafety & Security Advisor
Tom Pasquarello
Tom PasquarelloPartner, Global Secure Resources
Malcolm Noden
Malcolm NodenHospitality Safety Specialist
David Nelson
David NelsonChief Information Officer
Michael Gorospe
Michael GorospeChief Technology Officer
Nick Nelson
Nick NelsonMySQL Database Developer
Robin Kocina
Robin KocinaBoard Chair Emeritus
Owner, Media Relations, Inc.
Tim Malecha
Tim MalechaFounder
Annamarie Saarinen
Annamarie SaarinenCo-Founder, Board Member Emeritus