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Co-Branded Customized Corporate Portals

Show your employees that you care about them and their safety on and off the clock. Help your employees develop travel safety skills by adding Travel HEROES Safety Course to your company’s education arsenal. Most companies do a stellar job of caring for employees on business trips abroad, but when employees go abroad on vacation their well-being is not well-protected.

Travel Safety Training at Your Convenience

Build loyalty by showing your employees how much you care with a co-branded Travel HEROES portal. Manage and administer standardized travel safety skills company-wide, the Travel HEROES platform is scalable to any size.

The travel safety certification is comprised of six 10-15 minute modules, complete with mini-games, testimonials and an end-of-chapter assessment:

  • Geopolitical Context: Learn how to navigate State Department Consular Affairs and Overseas Security Advisory Council websites to identify country-specific warnings and alerts and ascertain their severity.
  • Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP): Learn the value of STEP services and how to successfully register for STEP before each international trip.
  • Health & Wellness: Discover resources at the Centers for Disease Control and World Health Organization to identify destination-specific health risks and preventive medicines to include in your plan, and vital personal medical information in mobile applications.
  • Geography & Housing: Build a Google My Map of your destination(s), featuring area-specific risks and warnings. Locate nearby hospitals, fire and police departments, embassies, airports and evacuation services, and your housing and transportation resources.
  • Travel Insurance: Learn the difference between trip and travel insurance, and how to determine the best insurance for your particular excursion.
  • Security & Communications: Increase your financial security with helpful tips and prepare to use mobile technology to contact local and international agencies and emergency contacts.

As your employees complete each chapter, they progressively compile a travel safety plan to guide them through the steps they should take for safer international travels. World travel provides experiences and education no classroom can provide. But, in these uncertain times, preparing wisely can be lifesaving. Make sure your employees’ trips overseas are ones they’ll want to remember.

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