United States colleges and universities are equipped with services and technology to keep students safe on campus. Cameras, campus police and other security monitors work around the clock. Emergency phones and bright lights illuminate paths across campus. Yet because college students are frequently targeted by thieves and other criminals, these safety measures are not enough. Criminals target students because they carry laptops, smartphones, and their wallets. Students in a new city are particularly vulnerable. It’s important that students are knowledgeable and prepared to handle potential dangers that can arise on campus. Off-campus threats to students are even higher. Below are five tips to keep in mind this academic year:
  1. Know the number for the campus police (It’s not 911). In a non-emergency situation, campus police will arrive much faster than the city police. Your school should also be equipped with emergency phones or buttons located around campus.
  2. Avoid shortcuts. Take high-traveled and well-lit walkways instead. Walk with a buddy whenever possible. GRO.UP especially if you are a friend have been drinking alcohol.
  3. Keep an eye out for your fellow students. If you see something, say something. It’s likely you’ve heard this phrase before, it’s important advice. Intervening when a questionable situation arises can keep fellow students safe and deter criminals. Don’t be afraid to contact local authorities at any time.
  4. Always walk with a friend at night, even in generally safe neighborhoods. If you have no one to walk with, utilize the school shuttle or escort service. Most schools have them.
  5. Download a personal security app such as React Mobile. React Mobile is a powerful personal safety app that turns your smartphone into a powerful lifeline. Their safety app features a “Follow-Me” feature that lets you share your location with friends and family so they can track your whereabouts in real-time and follow you to safety.

It’s impossible to stay 100% safe all the time, but utilizing campus services and avoiding potential threats will greatly reduce the risk of being made a victim this school year.