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A Guest Post by Dr. John Fletemeyer, Aquatic Law and Drowning Prevention Specialist, and Depart Smart Safety Adviser  There has been an alarming and dramatic increase in infectious diseases from swimming pools in the United States and abroad. An article I wrote for Aquatics International titled “Overseas Swimmers Beware! An aquatics expert studies overseas pools for adherence [...]

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Boston Herald Highlights Depart Smart After France Acid Attack on U.S. Students

It’s common for parents to worry about their kids’ safety while studying abroad. Most likely the experience will be as amazing as you hope. But recent headlines of natural disasters, political unrest, and random acts of violence can elevate concerns to a whole other level. While it’s impossible to protect kids from every situation, creating [...]

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Mexico Travel Warning – How to Depart Smart

In the face of recent events around the world and expanded warnings for tourists, we have all been witness to the fact that anything can happen while traveling abroad. Unfortunately, consumer protection is poor in the $7+ trillion travel and tourism industry. No one warns anyone before they buy a trip or board a [...]

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Otto Warmbier’s Story

Thank you Zachary Rogers, WKRC for hosting us to speak in the wake of Otto Warmbiers return home. We are honored to be featured in your piece, Depart Smart: What you should know before traveling abroad.  Our hearts go out to Otto's family and friends. The New York post released a news article on Otto Warmbier - [...]

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Travel Secrets: PDA Around the World

By Jess Simpson, at Paste Magazine Public displays of affection, also known as PDA, can be tricky territory for travelers to navigate when in an unfamiliar culture. What is acceptable in one country is frowned upon in another and downright illegal in yet another. The confusion isn’t limited to couples or kissing and touching. From [...]

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Quick guide: Vacation and travel safety toolbox

Keeping abreast of health, safety and security events overseas is challenging. Most news comes in a 24-hour cycle.  The news may or may not align with what you need or want to know to make informed decisions about traveling abroad. Google alerts can be useful, sometimes. The Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) is a resource [...]

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14 Ways to Prepare Emergency Contacts for Your Trip Abroad

Everyone going abroad should have an emergency contact or two, but who wants to think about bad stuff happening?  Getting caught in another country without help is a scary reality for many travelers and their emergency contacts.  It’s not often we plan for what emergency contacts NEED if called upon. Your emergency contact should be [...]

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Depart Smart Milestones

Our gratitude overflows with praises for our generous volunteers, sponsors and donors who helped us achieve these incredible milestones: We have become a trusted travel safety resource with more than 15,000,000 impressions in major news such as The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, Newsweek, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Minneapolis Star & Tribune and numerous other [...]

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Tips to Avoid Shake Ups During Earthquakes

Italy is reeling in the wake of a massive earthquake in the middle of the country on August 24, leaving in its wake a death toll upwards of 290 people, and hundreds are taking refuge in makeshift camps. Experts say the earthquake was especially devastating because it was a relatively shallow quake less than six [...]

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