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Trip Insurance vs Travel Insurance | What’s the difference?

Shockingly, most vacationers do not protect themselves or their families with travel insurance! Whether you're a vacationer, a travel agent, or an employer, when your family and clients are traveling for work or vacations abroad, your number one priority is that they return happy, healthy, and on time. One of the things you or your [...]

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When Spring Break “Breaks” in Mexico

Mexico travel safety is a hot topic in 2018! Travel and tourism emergencies such as homicides, arrests, serious injury requiring medical evacuation, toxic gas leaks in vacation homes causing deaths, and hundreds of Minnesotans stranded in Mexico when a snowstorm forced Sun Country Airlines to cancel the last flight home are just a sampling of [...]

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When should you call your travel insurance company?

Depart Smart's mission is to prepare world travelers from all walks of life to be able to identify and avoid risks, get help and home with a personal emergency safety plan. Recognized as consumer travel safety experts and advocates, we have more than ten years learning about dangerous situations and common pitfalls from survivors whose [...]

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5 Ways to Tackle Language Barriers and Safeguard Your Health Abroad

Imagine getting a phone call informing you that your son or daughter studying abroad has fallen dangerously ill. You frantically try to obtain and fax over their medical records, but it takes 1-2 hours. When the records finally arrive, they’re useless. Medical personnel can’t read them because they’re not in their language. Sheryl Hill, the [...]

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Let the CDC pack your suitcase for a healthy trip

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, International Trade Association, most resident travelers are not packing the most important components to get help and stay healthy - travel evacuation insurance and antibodies!  According the 2014 U.S. Outbound Travel and Trade report, 30,780,000 citizens went abroad, of those 87.8% did not get pre-trip vaccinations as 71.9% [...]

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Are you sure you’re insured?

People, especially students, are enticed to go abroad to exotic places far away from home where they have never been before, even during times of civil unrest, terrorism, natural disasters, dangerous animals and disease. More than 25 million Americans travel abroad yearly. They go to experience Shakespeare in England, rejuvenate on beaches in France, or [...]

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