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Founder Sheryl Hill and Depart Smart Featured on Mom Talk Radio

Moms, Help Your Kids Study Abroad Safely with a Travel HEROES Action Plan! Mom Talk Radio Host, Maria Bailey, has a long held passion for helping mothers find the answers they need to become better parents. On August 27, 2017, Ms. Bailey invited Mom and Depart Smart Founder, Sheryl Hill, to talk about how to [...]

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Sexual violence against women – a global problem

Going out for a few drinks in Italy? Imagine meeting someone inviting you into the VIP room, only you never make it because you are sexually assaulted in a unisex bathroom. Meet Serena Bowes, it happened to her. The assault was reported to Italian police in Florence. Officers took her statements.  Ms. Bowes was taken [...]

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Travel Safety Series: Spotlight on Women

Written by: Carrie Knori Pasquarello, CEO Global Secure Resources Inc. and Jennifer Surface, Founder and Principal, Vantage Intelligence   American women are increasingly traveling all corners of the globe. Their destinations range from the unusual and exotic to more common destinations for American travelers, such as Europe. Europe is often painted as an ideal international travel destination—due [...]

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