By Jess Simpson, at Paste Magazine

Public displays of affection, also known as PDA, can be tricky territory for travelers to navigate when in an unfamiliar culture. What is acceptable in one country is frowned upon in another and downright illegal in yet another.

The confusion isn’t limited to couples or kissing and touching. From hugs and handshakes to smiles and hand gestures knowing what is accepted behavior when greeting and showing affection is an essential element of mindful travel. For example, while hugging comes fairly naturally to Americans, especially Southerners like me, reaching for an embrace in Italy, Thailand, and many other countries, even with someone you consider close, can produce awkward results.

To combat unintended taboo behavior, Sheryl Hill, the executive director of Depart Smart, advises travelers to have command of a few key phrases in the local language to ask for permission or apologize can get you out of a jam or awkward situation.

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