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“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.”  -Elizabeth Andrew

Depart Smart relies on our amazing volunteers to fulfill our mission and continue providing crucial, life-saving services to global travelers.

With your support, Depart Smart can continue to inspire, develop and transform world travelers and students into Travel HEROES! Through our safety education, tools and awareness, travelers make informed decisions abroad to avoid risks, get help, return safely and report to protect others.

Volunteering is a meaningful and rewarding experience with many benefits, including the following:

  • Learn and develop new skills: Our organization provides you with an opportunity to acquire new skills while carrying out a wide variety of tasks.
  • Make connections: Meet new people, build new friendships and make lasting relationships that may open new doors in your future.
  • Improve your resume: Gain invaluable experience working with others, learning about the workplace and seeing firsthand how a non-profit operates.
  • Build your confidence: Your ability to deal with a range of situations and being part of a team will increase your self-esteem. The knowledge of you have helped save lives and preventing heartache in the hearts of others is priceless.

Come join our adventure and be part of the Depart Smart team! We look forward to discussing available opportunities and how you can help make travel awesome in life-saving ways.

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